Transform Your Ordinary Life To Extraordinary Legend


Founded by Kuldeep Patnaik, Visualize Thy Soul shares a learning Experience through an online platform.

It teaches you how to transform your ordinary life to an extraordinary legend.


By following its techniques anyone can improve personality, positive thinking, awareness,

happiness, spirituality, productivity, and mindfulness and lot more.


These are just a few things about Visualize Thy Soul, for more details please subscribe us.

But remember, these techniques are not used for any illegal,

the negative or adverse intention for you or the society.


You will start enjoying it once you start utilizing them in your life. Our guide will help you to access your inner

wisdom for transformation to unleash your potential, which helps to become a successful extraordinary Legend.


Mission of Visualize Thy Soul


Our ambition is to create value for the human world in the area of self-discovery,

increase focus, optimum innovations, unlimited joy,

self-awareness, happiness, attitude for never give up

and relief from negativity.


The main objective is to give it back to the society, to this universe as it is applicable to all the

age group and any geographic region.

All that need is to trust and follow these techniques with open mind and heart.


About the Founder


Founder Visualize Thy Soul - Kuldeep Patnaik

Founder Visualize Thy Soul – Kuldeep Patnaik

Kuldeep Patnaik Graduated BCS from University of Chennai,

MBA by qualification. He has 13 years of experience

International Trade Finance Banker.

He had also traveled Europe during his tenure in Fund Valuation team of HSBC.


He hails from a middle-class family residing in the hilly town called Phulbani.

A town is well known as Kashmir of Odisha in Eastern India.

He started dreaming big from his school

time by reading motivational books of Anthony Robbins.


Spent his most of valuable time in following motivational, inspirational thoughts, acts, mind power, meditation

techniques etc.

He is very energetic and adventurous in physical activities too.

So he enjoyed extreme sports activity in state and national level in

Bharat Scout and Guides, Rovers camps during his schools and colleges.

These awesome forums and tools with hands-on experience helped him to build the best side of his life.


He achieved great heights not only in education but also in MNC Career (Standard Chartered, HSBC),

better relationships with family and friends,

now a full-time online entrepreneur to guide his community.


He always helped his followers to make their life successful by sharing his real stories of his past experience.

Strongly inclined towards nature, visits spiritual and meditation centers and

speaks on motivation seminars too.

Furthermore, he is also fond of technology.